New Dentist Information

Dentists who graduated from dental school less than 10 years ago are considered new dentists. The Arkansas State Dental Association (ASDA) has produced a booklet, Roadmap to Employment, which has information on how to gain employment upon graduation. If you are a new dentist and ready to start a practice, the booklet Everything You Need to Succeed will give you the tools necessary to jumpstart your practice.

New dentists should also make special note of ASDA-endorsed services If you have any problems using any of the endorsed companies, you have a personal advocate through ASDA.

Approved as leaders in quality and value for their particular industry, all ASDA-endorsed services participate in a royalty plan that provides income to ASDA whenever members use them. This non-dues revenue helps to keep ASDA membership dues as low as possible.

The ADA also has new dentist resources available to our members.

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