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The Arkansas State Dental Association is a leader in the health care community with an effective outreach to ensure that its members have a collective and influential voice in state government. ASDA’s grassroots efforts have championed many political issues for its members, including issues related to water supply fluoridation, insurance coverage and scope of practice. The ASDA maintains constant vigilance to defeat harmful legislation and regulation, while working toward solutions to problems related to Medicaid, low-income access, auxiliary education and insurance reform.

ASDA applies the following core values, within the existing political climate of the legislature, to determine its advocacy strategy:

  1. QUALITY: Ensure that the best and highest level of dentistry is provided in a clinically-appropriate setting by a team of trained professional led by the dentist.
  2. ACCESS: Belief that all Arkansans are entitled to the same quality of dental care regardless of their socioeconomic status or geographic location.
  3. PREVENTION: Belief that it is far better to prevent disease rather than treat disease.


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