New DEA Fee Schedule Takes Effect Oct. 1

by Billy Tarpley on September 1, 2020

Reprinted from ADA Morning Huddle, 9/2/20 – The ADA News (8/31, Garvin) reports, “The ADA is encouraging dentists with Drug Enforcement Agency prescribing licenses that expire before Oct. 31 to renew them ahead of the agency’s new fee schedule.” The new DEA fee schedule for registration and re-registration for a three-year DEA certification is set to take effect Oct. 1, and “fees for dentists are increasing from $731 to $888.” The article notes that “only dentists with registrations expiring in September or October can re-register using the current fee schedule,” and “dentists registering for the first time can also take advantage of the lesser fees between now and Sept. 30.” In an Aug. 6 letter, the ADA had requested the DEA “consider delaying the new fee schedule in order to assist dental practices impacted financially by COVID-19,” but the DEA has denied the request.

        To register, visit the DEA website.         For more information about the ADA’s advocacy efforts during COVID-19, visit

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