ADA Resource: Protocols to Follow if a Staff or Household Member is COVID-19(+)

by Billy Tarpley on July 30, 2020

Reprinted from ADA Client Services “What’s Up Wednesday”, July 29, 2020:

This new resource – exclusive to ADA members – guides dentists through assessing the exposure risks, deciding when a self-quarantine is necessary, strategies for returning to work and protocols to follow in the office.

Use the social post below to connect your members to the new flowchart and emphasize the importance of membership. When sharing, please provide a link to the resource rather than posting the full PDF to ensure these resources remain a member-only benefit.

What happens if someone on your staff – or a member of their household – tests positive for COVID-19? Membership in the ADA [and S/L society] unlocks exclusive access to the new ADA flowchart that guides you through protocols to follow in this situation and helps you determine when the team member may return to work. At the ADA [and your S/L], your membership matters. Also, dentists can now access the latest update to the ADA’s Return to Work Interim Guidance Toolkit. It includes a link to the protocol guide, along with new guidance on how to protect staff, updated legislation and resources on testing employees – download it now at

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