Compliance is Important

by Billy Tarpley on March 18, 2020

ASDA has fielded numerous calls from dental offices that have closed to all but urgent and emergent cases, while other area dental offices are still “business as usual.”

Here are some reasons why it is important to heed the requests from ADA, AR Dept. of Health, AR State Board of Dental Examiners and ASDA, not to mention POTUS and the CDC.

As the number of virus cases in our state continues to grow, your voluntary cooperation means that:

  • · PPE and supplies in short supply will be conserved for hospitals on the front lines of treating the virus. 
  • · Your attention to urgent and emergent cases reduces the strain on emergency rooms.
  • · Fewer people, including your own staff and family, are potentially exposed to the virus
  • · ALL dental offices can return to work faster.
  • ….and finally, you demonstrate that dentists are health care professionals with a significant role to play in eliminating the threat from COVID-19.

CONSIDER THIS SCENARIO: During the virus outbreak a dental office performs a routine cleaning on a patient. All goes well, and the patient leaves the dental office and goes to visit his grandmother in the nursing home. The grandmother becomes infected and tests positive for the virus. Her condition now becomes a public health matter, and an investigation begins. During the investigation, the dental office is targeted as a potential source of the infection. Now, this new stigma negatively impacts the dentist and employees, and causes existing patients to question the doctor’s professional ethics. It further leads to media inquiries as to why the dentist was performing elective procedures when public health authorities and the professional associations were encouraging a 3 week suspension. This could happen to you.

So, Doctor, if you have complied with the request to suspend your practice to urgent/emergent care, thank you. For those who may be operating “business as usual,” the potential harm to your practice is real if a case is tracked back to your practice. 

It’s not worth the risk or the bad relations with your colleagues.

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