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Group Health Insurance


AXPM Insurance Purchasing Group, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that exists solely for the purpose of offering group insurance benefits to the Arkansas Dental Community. Our niche approach to the Dental Industry allows for a unique benefit offering and the ability to leverage lower premiums by pooling all members into one large group. Learn more at

Contact: Josh Matthews
Local: (501) 508-2976
Toll Free: (844)488-AXPM




Medical Waste Services Medical Waste Services



Medical Waste Services is proud to transport and treat bio-hazard waste in the great States of Arkansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia and Mississippi. Our business is hauling medical waste from cradle to grave while staying 100% compliant. With no crazy contracts or outrageous hidden fees, you will not find a better company to handle your bio-hazardous waste stream. From non-hazardous expired pharmaceuticals destruction, secured document shredding program, to our recycled sharps recovery system, Medical Waste Services is bringing something special to our communities. Making a positive difference is important to us.




best cardBest Card powered by First Data



Endorsed by 20+ dental and medical associations – including ASDA – Best Card offers great rates and personalized customer service for credit card processing. Thousands of dental offices have saved an average of 27% ($1,860 annually) in credit card fees over their prior processor. You will receive one deposit and one monthly statement for all of your activity for MasterCard/Visa/Discover and American Express. Close your batch by 5pm CST and receive next business day funding.

Best Card understands that your credit card processing statement can be hard to decipher so we encourage you to calculate your effective rate: Take your total fees charged (including AMEX) and divide it by the total $$ processed. If this number is greater than 2.1% (0.021 on calculator), you may be paying too much. Example: $766 (fees) ÷ $19,488 ($ processed) = 0.0393 or 3.93%.

Fax a recent credit card processing statement to 866-717-7247 (or email to and Best Card will send you a detailed cost comparison and a $5 gift card.

Use existing equipment most of the time or purchase new equipment starting at $259 (Best Card merchants receive a 1-time $100 discount – so for as little as $159 you can own a terminal that will accept the new EMV-chip and contactless/NFC cards, as well as ApplePay and GoogleWallet). If you have recurring payments or are interested in taking payments at your website, on your computer, iPad or smartphone, ask about their online systems. Auto-post to some dental software!

 Call 877-739-3952 to learn more.



Regions Insurance

For over half a century, the ASDA has trusted Regions Insurance to assist its members with both their professional and personal insurance needs. Primary areas of insurance coverage include:

  • Malpractice (professional liability)
  • Office Contents/Building/General Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Disability Income and Office Overhead Disability
  • Life Insurance
  • Major Medical (group and individual)
  • Auto, Home, Recreation

Discounts may be available based on ASDA membership or the purchase of multiple policies. Contact Denise Turner at Regions Insurance by telephone at (501)661-4954.

For more information about Regions Insurance, please visit their website.








The Arkansas Dental Association has selected Heartland Payment Systems®, one of the nation’s largest payments processors, as an endorsed provider for payroll services. ADA selected Heartland because of Heartland’s electronic payments leadership, value and savings it brings to its members. Heartland is endorsed by 200+ state and national associations. For more information, click here.

Tailor your payroll program to fit your practice’s individual needs — and pay only for the features you need. Heartland Payroll ServicesSM offers a full suite of value-added solutions, including time and attendance, workers’ compensation programs, prepaid payroll cards and more. Plus, our three-year, fixed-price agreement guarantees your payroll processing costs won’t arbitrarily increase.

Running your practice shouldn’t cause you this much stress. To learn more about Heartland, contact Reed Lewallen by phone at 501-920-4560, or email:



The Arkansas State Dental Association endorses Practice Image Builders as a trusted source of dental practice social media management and marketing products and services. With the world-wide explosion of social media as a primary communication and referral platform, the ASDA endorsed Practice Image Builders for our expertise on how to utilize social media and other marketing resources to help better connect patients with dentists. Based in Northwest AR, Practice Image Builders specializes in developing medical brands, building premium websites and social media platforms, and executing strategic marketing campaigns for practices.

TeamLINKS electronic health record (EHR) is a product of US HealthRecord, Inc., a leader in dental EHR technology.  Founded in the late 1990’s by Dr. Richard Roblee, TeamLINKS has been a pioneer in interdisciplinary collaboration for dental providers. Offering HIPAA compliant referral and collaboration capability, TeamLINKS has allowed dental providers the ability to streamline interdisciplinary care for more than 15 years.

In 2012, TeamLINKS achieved CCHIT (The Certification Commission for Health Information Technology) Meaningful Use certification. This achievement has since allowed qualified dental providers the ability to meet the EHR requirement to participate in Meaningful Use. To date, TeamLINKS Meaningful Use providers have received over a million dollars in Meaningful Use incentive money. TeamLINKS Meaningful Use services include: Quality Reporting, E-prescribe with drug/drug and drug/allergy interactions, Orders-CPOE, patient access to EHR through a patient portal, and ability to provide a HIPAA compliant exchange of patient information between providers.

For providers who do not qualify for Meaningful Use, TeamLINKS offers a complete EHR system. Services include:

  • HIPAA compliant referral and collaboration-No more faxing or emailing
  • Electronic Prescribing
  • Drug/drug and drug/allergy interaction check
  • Chart documentation
  • Arkansas Prior Authorization electronic filing
  • Study Club
  • Imaging
  • Criticare Monitor interface (for OMS customers)
  • Patient Education

Click on the TeamLINKS logo above to visit their website.


Grow Your Practice with Prosites!

    • Thousands of people search the Internet every day looking for a new dentist in their area. ProSites helps you get in front of these potential new patients, while helping you communicate why they should choose you as their dentist with professional website design and Internet marketing solutions. Your ProSites website conveys a professional image of you and your practice, plus includes patient-focused content, interactive features, online forms, educational videos, and more. Plus, you can fully control and edit your website – even change your design – within seconds. You also frequently receive free upgrades to ensure your website always remains up-to-date with the latest designs, features, and technology. In addition to website design, ProSites offers a comprehensive suite of additional solutions that help you stand out online. These include mobile website design, search engine optimization, and Marketing ROI software that tracks leads from their source through to your practice management system, so you can see which marketing is giving you the greatest return.As an ASDA Endorsed Program, members save 25% off the ProSites set-up! For more information, call (888) 932-3644 or visit


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