Important Message

by Billy Tarpley on March 22, 2020

Important Message Please read this important message from ASDA:

In the past few days, ASDA has seen a variety of messages on various mediums, including Facebook, that contain faulty and inaccurate information.  

We totally understand the desire for new information, but please resist the urge to repeat news updates unless they originate with ASDA. 

As The Voice of Dentistry in Arkansas, ASDA has worked hard to maintain its reputation for straight talk and integrity. Comments and postings that are well-intended but inaccurate can create intended consequences. 

Thank you to you all who are struggling through this unprecedented time.  Please know that ASDA continues to monitor the situation constantly, and that we encourage you to stay in contact with your CPA, attorney, banker and financial advisor to construct the best options for you and your practice.   

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