ASDA Issues Response to Initial Medicaid Rate Review

by Billy Tarpley on August 21, 2019

In ongoing discussions with the Arkansas Department of Human Services, ASDA issued a response this week to the first draft of DHS’ rate review, which is a state-mandated process of comparing Arkansas’ Medicaid dental rates to those of surrounding states.

Although the first draft recommends no fee increases at this time, we are still early in negotiations. The association will continue to emphasize the need to update the fee schedule from 95% of Delta Dental’s 2007 Premier Schedule to the 2019 Premier schedule. In addition, we will advocate for other program changes, including an increase from $500 to $1,000 for the adult limit, initiating an immediate denture code, and other code updates.

Delta Smiles and MCNA Smiles are also involved in the discussions. The next meeting is scheduled for August 26. ASDA will continue to consult with the association’s Medicaid Advisory Committee as the process develops. Meantime, we will keep you updated on the changes as needed.

Click here to read a copy of ASDA’s response.

ASDA’s Medicaid Advisory Committee consists of the following members:
Dr. Steve Kilpatrick
Dr. Ron Hubbard
Dr. Ron Gore
Dr. Cindy Landry
Dr. Jim Phillips
Dr. David Ciesla
Dr. Alan Lamb
Dr. Kurt Simmons
Dr. Robert Gunter

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