ADA Responds to New Fluoride Study in JAMA

by Billy Tarpley on August 20, 2019

JAMA Pediatrics released a study this morning that examines the association between fluoride exposure during pregnancy and IQ scores of children. The study centered on mother-child pairs in Canada, with the authors concluding that higher levels of fluoride exposure during pregnancy were associated with lower IQ scores in children measured at 3-4 years old. The authors of the study note its various limitations and the fact that additional research should be conducted.

We received media inquiries about the study from several national outlets; the Washington Post and USA Today already published articles. Dr. Brittany Seymour, an ADA spokesperson, was able to speak with them and provide information and perspective.

Here are a few resources that will be helpful should you receive inquiries from media, members or the public. Please let me know if the ADA can be of assistance, particularly in regards to media inquiries:

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