ADA President Responds To Article In The Atlantic

by Billy Tarpley on June 19, 2019

Reprinted from ADA Morning Huddle, June 19, 2019

The ADA News (6/18, Garvin) reports that in a June 16 letter to the editor of The Atlantic, ADA President Jeffrey M. Cole responded to the magazine’s May article, “The Trouble With Dentistry.” The ADA News reports that Dr. Cole “addressed the article’s shortcomings, which the ADA believes enforced negative stereotypes about dentists and failed to explain the practice of evidence-based dentistry,” and he “also strongly disagreed with the author’s implication that dentists are motivated by profit to pay down their student loans.” Dr. Cole wrote, “The American Dental Association and dentists across the country are dedicated to the health and safety of the patients they serve.” Dr. Cole added, “The ADA is dedicated to evidence-based dentistry, which integrates the dentist’s clinical expertise, the patient’s needs and preferences, and the most current, clinically relevant evidence.”         The American College of Dentists has released an engagement tool for dentists who receive questions from patients who have seen the article. Visit for more information

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