Request from Dr. Sean Sebourn

by Billy Tarpley on May 28, 2019

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My name is Sean Sebourn and I am a first year pediatric dental resident at LSU. I am originally from Benton, AR and am a member of ASDA. I was formerly employed with Dr. Jim Bevans and Rock Dental Brands. I graduated from LSU in 2013 with Spencer Gordy, who I believe is the current Treasurer for the CDDS. I’m writing to ask a personal favor for my family. Our son Reef was born in 2017 and has undergone over 12 surgeries for a myriad of medical conditions. In March of this year, we received a new diagnosis of Fanconi anemia (FA). FA is a rare disorder that affects the bodies ability to kill cancerous cells. Reef has a particularly aggressive form that puts him at an 800X increased risk of cancer. To help put that into perspective, cigarette smoking has a 30X increased risk for developing lung cancer. We have sought out care at one of the best facilities in the country (University of Minnesota) but because I am currently a dental resident, we have very little income to help cover these costs. We have researched personal loans, but because of my outstanding debt to low income ratio, we’ve had trouble finding a loan that is reasonable to supplement our income during this time. A family member of ours familiar with our situation approached us with the idea of starting a gofundme page to help cover our expenses. I’m unsure if ASDA circulates announcements such as this, but we would be grateful if you could. The link for our gofundme page is below. Thanks so much for your time and God bless, Sean Sebourn, DDS

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