Diamond Plan Not Available for Claims Submitted for Managed Care Services

by Billy Tarpley on February 7, 2019

In a recent decision from a meeting of all the state and private entities involved in the Diamond Plan deferred compensation program, it became apparent that the plan will most certainly NOT be available to dentists for claims paid through Delta Smiles or MCNA.

During the discussion between DHS, Stephens, DFA’s Employee Benefits Division, Delta Dental, MCNA, ASDA and the Governor’s Office, the group agreed that extraordinary efforts to maintain the deferred compensation program could not overcome objections by CMS and the IRS to reach a workable conclusion.

Please know that additional efforts to find a solution for the benefit of ASDA members are still underway.

To that end, this unpleasantness does offer some other options in an effort to appease the dental providers. Beginning this week, ASDA will enter into discussions with DHS to explore options. Please rest assured that payment for treatment provided under the old Legacy plan (patients that have not yet been assigned to either vendor) can still be deferred.

It is important to understand that Governor Hutchinson has been a strong proponent of maintaining the Diamond Plan. If this issue could be solved at the state level, we truly believe it would be.

Questions or concerns should be directed to Billy Tarpley, Executive Director of ASDA.


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