Dentists Warn Against DIY Dentistry

by Billy Tarpley on October 31, 2018

From ADA Morning Huddle, October 31, 2018:

WBBH-TV Fort Myers, FL (10/29, Polansky) reports that “do-it-yourself dentistry is on the rise, and it’s especially popular among kids.” The American Dental Association has launched a public awareness campaign discouraging DIY and direct-to-consumer practices, which can damage teeth, gums, bone, ligaments, and more. “There’s a lot of trends right now with teeth whitening, teeth straightening kits, do it yourself veneers, bridges, and dentures,” said Dr. Phil Kraver, a Cape Coral dentist and a member of the Florida Dental Association. “Your teeth are connected to your jaws, your jaws are connected to your jawbones, and there’s a complex network of muscles that move your mouth around. And you really need to know how your mouth works before moving things and altering things.” The article also highlights some of the risks associated with direct-to-consumer dental services.

In an Oct. 24 news release, the ADA said it has adopted a new policy that “strongly discourages the practice of direct to the consumer (DTC) dental laboratory services because of the potential for irreversible harm to patients.” Last year, a policy against DIY tooth straightening was adopted.

The ADA News reported previously that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s “MedWatch voluntary reporting form can be used to inform the FDA about problems patients encounter with DTC products, such as aligners, partial dentures and snoring appliances.”

Dentists can refer patients to, ADA’s consumer website, for information on direct to consumer dentistry, also referred to as DIY dentistry.

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