Medicaid Conference Draws Almost 150 Attendees to Little Rock

by Billy Tarpley on June 22, 2018

The 2018 Medicaid Conference hosted by ASDA attracted almost 150 dentists and dental team members to Little Rock on Friday, June 22. It became apparent early on that the group had come prepared to ask questions and discuss some of the challenges that exist as Arkansas providers continue to work within the new Dental Managed Care Program for Medicaid.

The day began with a 2 hour presentation from the team of Delta Dental, which consisted of Ed Choate, Dr. Bob Mason, Jim Couch and Jimmy Anthony. The team charted dozens of questions from the audience and addressed them one-by-one. The lively question & answer session generated compliments from attendees, many of whom look forward to the next conference that will be held in the fall of 2018.

Likewise, a team from MCNA consisting of Dr. Tom Isbell, Dr. John Grammer, Dr. Linda Altenhoff and Doug Nelson, took similar questions from the audience in the afternoon and addressed particular concerns about coding, prior authorizations and several other concerns.

The conference was the second in a series of Medicaid related events that are designed to allow providers and billers to have face time with representatives from both MCOs.

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