Preventing Opioid Abuse from the Dental Chair

by Billy Tarpley on March 15, 2018

In an effort to battle opioid abuse, Arkansas dentists have complied with new legislation since August 2017 that requires all prescribers to consult with the Arkansas Prescription Monitoring Program website prior to prescribing Schedule II or III narcotics. Although the process has been a bit difficult, we have seen the PMP website improve in numerous ways to become more user-friendly and accurate.

Health care providers around the nation continue to struggle with the opioid epidemic. But even though dentists are not necessarily “problem prescribers”, would you know how to identify a patient who is suffering from abuse of narcotics? Would we as parents know how to identify abuse in our children or family members?

Dr. Omar Abubaker, an oral surgeon in Virginia, thought he could, until his son died from an overdose of benzodiazepine and heroin.

Please take a moment to read ADA President Dr. Joe Crowley’s message suggesting ways that dentists can take action to effect change in the opioid abuse pattern. Read Dr. Crowley’s article here:


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