DentaQuest Withdraws Lawsuit Regarding Medicaid Selection

by Billy Tarpley on August 3, 2017

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported on Wednesday, August 2, that Boston-based DentaQuest had withdrawn its lawsuit against the state of Arkansas regarding it’s de-selection as a potential vendor for the Medicaid dental program. In its request-for-proposal (RFP), the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS), which oversees Medicaid, had indicated the state would contract with 2 vendors to administer the new program.

As reported earlier by ASDA, suit claimed that the state procurement office erred when it dismissed DentaQuest for not disclosing in the bid process a lawsuit in federal court in Massachusetts. During the initial bid selection, DentaQuest scored the highest among the four companies. The procurement office’s reversal of its initial decision was the result of a complaint filed by Managed Care of North America (MCNA), which provided information about the Massachusetts lawsuit. DentaQuest asked that MCNA be disqualified and the contracts be rebid. The lawsuit was assigned to Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Wendell Griffin, who ruled that his court lacked jurisdiction to overturn the states administrative procedures act.

Delta Dental of Arkansas remains the only company whose selection has not been challenged.

Although DHS has not formulated the final details of the new Medicaid dental program it is scheduled begin January 2018. Meantime, it is ASDA’s understanding that Arkansas dentists have received a contract from MCNA that largely reflects the contents of the RFP. It is also ASDA’s understanding that Delta’s contract will be forthcoming.

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