SB299 Fails to Pass Committee: Would Have Returned Community Water Fluoridation to Local Vote

by Billy Tarpley on March 14, 2017

In a 2-4 vote this morning, the Senate Committee on City, County and Local Affairs defeated SB299 by Sen. Bryan King which would have overturned the Community Water Fluoridation Act by allowing “public water systems” to vote “for” or “against” fluoridation.

Following testimony and a voice vote, the chair announced the bill was defeated. Sen. Linda Collins-Smith (R-Pocahontas) moved for a roll call, which requires each senator to individually announce their vote, and the motion was seconded by chairman Sen. Alan Clark (R-Lonsdale). Those being the only two supporting votes, the bill failed.

It is still possible for Sen. King to bring the bill back up for a vote in the committee although the legislature is attempting to wind down business for an early April adjournment.

Thank you to the dentists who had previously contacted the committee members to encourage opposition to SB299!

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