Introducing the Arkansas Dental Health Network

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Q: What is the Arkansas Dental Health Network (ADHN)?

A: The Arkansas State Dental Health Network is a new dentist owned network created by the Arkansas State Dental Association’s for-profit entity: ASDA Services, LLC (ASDAS)

Q: Why has ASDA created its own network?

A: The healthcare environment is rapidly changing; therefore all parties involved in the delivery of healthcare must seek understanding amidst uncertainty. This is the optimal time to preserve the integrity of dental care which helps patients, dentists, and insurance companies. We feel a dentist network is the answer.

Q: How will the ADHN work?

A: ASDAS has partnered with AccessDentist365, which will act as the service provider and administer the network. The network will function like any other dental network. Dentists can be listed as a participating provider in the network – the same as with any of their current networks.

As with any network, ADHN  is just that – a network only, not insurance. Your claims processes will continue as usual, and will not be affected. There is no cost, no hassle, no downside. Instead, dentists who participate in this new network and your patients may have future opportunities in the healthcare environment.

Q: Will participating in the ADHN attract more patients to my practice?

A: The website will have a “Find a Dentist” feature, creating an easier method for patients to find dentists in their areas.

We believe participation in this new network could  increase opportunities for patients to receive dental care.

Q: How does the online repository work?

A: AccessDentist365 will manage the online repository which will include credentialing information, fee schedules, hours, locations, etc. The online repository is especially helpful to dentists and their office managers who must currently upload these same materials numerous times and with different insurers. Now, these important documents will be available in one place in a private, secure location.

Q: Am I committing to a contract by becoming part of the network?

A: No. On the provider agreement, it does include a renewable term, but you have the opportunity to leave the network at any time, for any reason, with a 30-day written notice. There is no charge and no penalty whatsoever.

Q: This seems very beneficial to my patients and me as a dentist. So, why hasn’t this been done before?

A: We have a unique combination of the network (ASDAS) and the service provider (AccessDentist365) who have worked diligently together to create a compliant, professional, and beneficial arrangement in the healthcare marketplace.

No dental organizations have done this before, but there have been a small number of independent physician associations that have created similar programs. We have mirrored these examples that have been deemed to be compliant with anti-trust laws by the Federal Trade Commission.

Q: What is the cost of being part of the ASDA Network.

A: Nothing. There are no administration fees to participate in the network.

Q: How much work on my end will it take to be part of the network?

A: No more work than you currently do to participate in any other dental network. Actually, with our network, the goal will be that there will be less work with the online repository and other administrative tools we will provide.

Q: There has to be a downside to this, right? What is it?

A: We have looked at this from every angle, and can’t find a single downside. The fact that it’s new is NOT a downside. Yes, this is change – you’ll be operating in a slightly different scenario. But it’s not a big change. You currently credential now, participate in networks; this is just approaching that process in a new way

Q: Where do I go to enroll?

A: To enroll, CLICK HERE. Complete the online Dentist Registration form. Once you have completed the form, and submitted it, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from AccessDentist365. Follow the link in the e-mail to finalize the registration process and secure your log-in information. Also, watch soon for the ADHN Network participation form.

Q: How do I find out more?

A: We will gladly schedule a time to meet with individuals, study clubs, and other similar gatherings.  Please call the ASDA headquarters at (800) 501-2732 and ask for Billy Tarpley, Executive Director of the Arkansas State Dental Association.

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