FAQs for Arkansas Dentists: The Impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on Health Care and Insurance in Arkansas

by Drew on October 10, 2013

The Arkansas State Dental Association has concluded that no entity has addressed the questions and answers that would serve dentists (as employers), dentists (as clinicians), and dentists/staff (understanding how patients/consumers will exist in the newly formed Healthcare arena.)  As the voice of Arkansas Dentistry, ASDA will not depend solely upon others to inform our members about pertinent information regarding the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), the Insurance Exchange, the Private Option, Medicaid, and their connections.

ASDA commissioned Craig Wilson of the Arkansas Center for Health Improvement to conduct an analysis on the aforementioned topics.  Input and questions were developed through working with ASDA member dentists and staff. The result is a working document that is the most dental focused review specific to the State of Arkansas.

How to use

Document 1

  • The first page is a general explanation of the newly created Healthcare landscape.  
  • The first section is the  General Provisions of ACA.  
  • The second section concerns the ACA and Pediatric Dental Benefits.  
  • The third section reveals the ACA and Dental Plans Generally. 
  • The last section is Requirements for Dentists as Employers. 

Document 2

In the second document, you will find appendices that provide visual representation of the dental focused analysis established in Document 1.

You may read the document in its entirety, OR you may simply click on the specific questions.  Please note that the information will be kept as current as possible, but there continues to be modifications on a regular basis.  The new Healthcare system exists as a work in progress.

We will attempt to answer questions as best as possible, but in some instances, you may be advised to work with your own professional network (ie: accountant, attorney, etc…) for assistance within your specific practice setting.

Document 1: FAQs for Arkansas Dentists

Document 2: Appendix


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