ASDA releases “Dental Education in Arkansas: A View From the Profession”

by on December 11, 2012

From Billy Tarpley, ASDA Executive Director

Dear ASDA Member,

After extensive research, the ASDA has recently completed a fact-based white paper, Dental Education in Arkansas: A View From the Profession. The purpose of the paper is to address two things in particular: the growing disparity between resident and non-resident dental school tuition (and, in turn, how Arkansas’s dental students are affected) and the real dollars spent from public and private resources on dental education outside of the state.

The paper is intended to be a fact-based resource concerning Arkansas dental education for use by state ASDA members, state legislators, and the Arkansas public. 

With no dental school in Arkansas, dental education in the state continues to be a multi-faceted issue. In the ASDA-commissioned University of Arkansas at Little Rock 2011 Survey of Arkansas Dentists, 35 percent of dentists responded yes, the state needs a dental a school. 12 percent said “other” and 45 percent, the largest single response, replied no

We expected an 80 percent no response. However, with no attempt to lead the respondents with loaded wording, 55 percent of dentists did not say “no” to the question “Does Arkansas need a dental school?” This is statistically significant. 

Also, as an open-ended question, members qualified their responses further by suggesting that their opinion may be different if other existing factors related to dental education were different. 

Your ASDA hopes that this informative paper will contribute to the continued, meaningful discussion on dental education for Arkansans. 

 Click here for the report.  


For more information, please contact Billy Tarpley, ASDA Executive Director, by e-mailing or calling (800) 501-2732

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